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Concerns and Complaints Procedure 

Effective 071009 
Patient satisfaction is always our highest priority, however, we are aware that patients do develop concerns from time to time. Please raise your concerns with us as soon as they arise rather than leaving them for weeks or months to help us respond in a speedy courteous and mutually fair manner. It may also be helpful if you can suggest ways in which we may resolve any issues. If you wish to make a complaint our procedure consists of the following four stages: 
1. Initially please raise your complaints with the chiropractor who is treating you as most formal complaints against chiropractors arise from misunderstandings and can be resolved with good communication and further explanation. We take your complaints very seriously and will provide you with a letter stating our response and what steps we propose to remedy the situation or move it forward. 
2. If you are uncomfortable raising the complaint with your chiropractor or you are not satisfied with their response please contact our office administrator Jackie Green by calling her on 0121 355 4272 or writing to her at 108 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B72 1LY. Jackie is not a chiropractor herself so will refer complaints about treatment or other clinical matters to another chiropractor to deal with. This chiropractor will investigate your complaint seriously and, if justified, suggest ways of settling the matter. 
3. If you are still not satisfied contact the United Chiropractic Association Arbitration Officer by telephone on 01293 817175 or by writing to Unit 57, Basepoint Business Centre, Metcalf Way, Crawley RH11 7XX. Their role is to investigate your complaint and, if they find it justified, propose a remedy to settle the matter. 
4. If the above steps fail to satisfy you may complain to our regulatory body the General Chiropractic Council by calling them on 0207 713 5155 or writing to 44 Wicklow Street, London WC1X 9HL. This is a serious step as one their functions is to investigate allegations of unacceptable professional conduct and where they consider appropriate take disciplinary action against the chiropractor in a formal procedure very similar to a court of law. Evidence is heard on oath by the Professional Conduct Committee of the GCC and witnesses are cross examined by lawyers before findings are made. They do not have the power to award compensation or recommend ex gratia payments. You may choose to omit any of the previous stages if you wish. 
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