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Staying Well 

Your health is the genetic expression of YOUR lifestyle choices so remove what is toxic and add in what is deficient. 
Eat Well 
Modern convenience foods are often processed and contain high levels of salt, sugar and cheap man-made fats. Avoid processed food and make healthy eating a way of life. 
Try to eat a varied diet with as much natural, unprocessed food as possible. Fresh fruit and vegetables (at least five portions daily) and regular oily fish will help keep us in great shape and reduce the risk of heart disease. Research has shown that the anti-oxidants which are found in some fruit and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer. 
Eating fresh fruit or raw veg just before a meal or snack is a great habit to get into, as is taking regular Omega-3 fish oil supplements. 
Think Well 
Our stress response involves releasing chemicals which are important to our survival in times of immediate danger, but are harmful to our health if they remain in our circulation at high levels for long periods. Maintaining a positive mental attitude helps us cope with emotional stress and is linked to improved immune function. Improving your time management will ensure you finish tasks on time and free up time out to relax.  
Focus on solutions not problems. 

Move Well 

Exercise: Regular exercise can have tremendous benefits for our health. As well as the clear benefits to our sense of wellbeing and energy, exercise will help our heart and circulation and our joint function. Without regular exercise joints can become stiff and immobile and are more prone to inflammation, pain and degeneration. This can place increased stress on the body resulting in poor health. Chiropractors specialize in optimizing movement of the joints so we can benefit from exercise and stay fit and well. 

Effects of Joint Movement 

Most of us experience increased alertness, energy and general wellbeing after even a few minutes of stretching and exercise. The ‘sensors’ from healthy mobile joints send ‘positive body thoughts’ to the brain which results in release of ‘feel good’ hormones for growth and repair which move you towards health. The ‘sensors’ of immobile, inflamed and degenerated joints send ‘negative body thoughts’ to the brain which cause stress hormones to be released moving us away from health. Some of the negative body thoughts will manifest as pain or other symptoms. 
In the spine, chiropractors refer to abnormal joint movement as the ‘Vertebral Subluxation Complex’. 
This can affect the way the nervous system functions as well as tendons, ligaments and other tissues. Left untreated it can go on to cause pain, weakness and muscle spasm as well as impact on our general state of health. 

Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractors specialize in spinal care, including the vertebrae, tendons, ligaments and muscles. 
How much chiropractic care is required depends upon a number of factors: severity, duration of the condition, age, general health and compliance with health advice will all determine the number of visits required. Similarly, we appreciate that health goals vary from person to person. 
Make an appointment for a no obligation chat with one of our Chiropractors to establish how you could benefit from chiropractic care. 
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