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Our mission 

We are team of enthusiastic chiropractors and care assistants in Sutton Coldfield with another office in Solihull. 
Our mission is to provide excellent quality, natural, drugless health and wellness care for our community. Our holistic approach aims to address the ongoing physical, chemical and emotional stresses placed on us all by our modern lifestyle and so improve lives. 
Our modern lifestyles in Sutton Coldfield and Solihull are typically physically sedentary and we have diverged from the ideal active healthy natural lifestyle. Most of us sit for excessively long periods of the day. This can be at school desks, at computer workstations or driving. Where we do have jobs that involve moving our bodies these movements tend to be repetitive and move a limited number of our joints within a limited range. We are not moving all of our joints as nature intended. 

Is it safe? 

Your chiropractor has received a four or five year training to gain a university science to learn when chiropractic care is appropriate, what to adjust, and how to adjust so they can choose the safest options for you. Compared to surgery and even over the counter drugs, chiropractic is remarkably safe. 
At our chiropractic clinics in Sutton Coldfield and Solihull, your chiropractor will aim to restore normal movement to your many spinal joints. This will involve examining the spine to find the joints that are misaligned, or not moving correctly, and trying to find the underlying cause before deciding what can be done. Typically, this will involve a course of chiropractic “adjustments” aimed at restoring movement and alignment as well exercises for you to do and advice to follow outside of our clinic. Together this is very often effective in reducing the pain or discomfort that brought you to see us 

Complimentary assessment 

If you are unsure whether you are likely to benefit from chiropractic care you can arrange a complimentary assessment with a chiropractor at our chiropractic clinics in Sutton Coldfield or Solihull. Essentially, this entails a brief chat to get an idea whether chiropractic is for you. 

Discount voucher 

To receive a £30 reduction in the normal fee for a consultation, examination and thermographic scan, click on the voucher below, print off the PDF, which will appear and bring it with you when you visit us. 
(Voucher not to be used with any other gift voucher or promotional offer. One voucher per person). 
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